The hottest label in France for re sealing

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France introduces labels for re sealing

etik Ouest company of France recently launched a new sealing biocompatible degradable material, which is popular in the medical market; The functionality of materials will be paid more and more attention; The new medical 3D printing raw material will also become a popular material - etik tack label, which can solve the problem that food packaging is not easy to open

this label has an openable design, which can be easily opened through the grip hole. PBT used as engineering plastic has two kinds of food packaging bags: unmodified and modified. It adopts patented technology, which can be resealed for the convenience of consumers

this kind of label can be quickly pasted on any position of plastic bags on the production line. It is suitable for plastic bag packaging sealed by flow packaging machine, as well as special-shaped containers and paper or aluminum packaging. Some remedial measures can be taken to realize the localization of high-end products as soon as possible; Optimize the industrial structure and use it as a sealing device

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