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One night, the police of the police station sent out police twice to rescue animals: Night Herons hit the wings of electric wires and were injured. Siamese crocodiles were found near the construction site. Wenzhou news "two suspected protected animals were rescued in one night, and the police station has become a zoo, which has never been encountered before." On the evening of August 21, the police of the South Baixiang police station of Ouhai public security branch sent out police twice, bringing back a Siamese crocodile and a night heron respectively. At present, they have been taken away by staff of Wenzhou green eye wildlife protection organization

at about 10 p.m. that night, the police of nanbaixiang police station received a public alarm, saying that on the 104 National Highway in Jinzhu village under the jurisdiction, they saw a bird fall down after hitting a wire, and its wings were injured, like wild animals. The police arrived at the scene and saw that the bird had a long pointed mouth and green claws. Because it was injured, the police took it back to the police station first

only matching tests were carried out: after one hour of the drop hammer impact test, the Institute received another alarm about animals. The alarm said that a crocodile was found near a construction site near the mountain of Ehu village, nanbaixiang street. The police rushed to the scene immediately. At this time, the policeman and his workmates had put the crocodile in a bucket. This crocodile is about one meter longer than the plastic bag in shopping malls. It has been gaping and is very fierce. That night, the police took the crocodile back to the police station

milling the staff of Wenzhou green eye wildlife protection organization came to the Institute after receiving the police. After confirmation, the injured bird is a provincial protected animal night heron, and the crocodile is named Siamese crocodile, which is a national second-class protected wild animal. The staff member said that Siamese crocodiles have been kept as pets, but this is not yet certain

at present, night herons and Siamese crocodiles have been "taken in" by Wenzhou green eye wildlife protection organization. The staff said that the night heron will be released after healing. As for the Siamese crocodile, a decision will be made after consulting the relevant departments

source: Wenzhou evening news

: Zhou Beibei

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