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Online "box office" broke 100! Sany "pressed fast" wielded a "shameful iron fist"

online "box office" broke 100! Sany "pressed fast" and wielded a "shameful iron fist"

what should we pay attention to when using the tensile machine testing instrument? China's construction machinery information

in the construction machinery industry, e-commerce, everyone has been doing it, but it is a miracle to be able to sell a kind of construction machinery product above 100. The one who created this miracle is Sany roller, which organically combines online inquiry and offline sales with an innovative sales model, and wields a "shameful iron fist"

Sany "presses fast"

"popular" roller, it's embarrassing not to buy one for the Chinese New Year

as a traditional manufacturing enterprise, developing new e-commerce channels is undoubtedly a great innovation. Compared with the industry's negative attitude towards this move in the early stage, Sany's impressive achievements can be said to be eye popping. At the beginning of 2017, the group purchase promotion of 20/22t full hydraulic single cylinder wheel roller was in progress, with 31 units sold per month, which can be said to be one unit per day. By September 2017, the online sales volume of this series of equipment had soared all the way, breaking 100 strong

the powerful Internet will cover Sany information all over the country. Even the most remote mountain villages can directly understand all the performance and details of this product as long as customers need it. Even the most senior experts may not be able to provide such comprehensive and accurate information

in addition to the powerful power of interconnection, the excellent quality of this series of products can not be ignored. Sany "press fast" series full hydraulic roller has the unique super exciting force and efficient hydraulic transmission of full hydraulic roller, but it only needs the price of traditional mechanical roller, integrates the advantages of traditional and reform and innovation products, and it is natural to be indomitable in the roller market

take a group photo with Sany roller

buy equipment and go to Sany e-commerce platform

since e-commerce became more and more popular, countless manufacturers tried to enter the e-commerce industry, but most failed. The main reason is that construction machinery cannot apply the current e-commerce model because of its large value and volume. What is most needed is innovation and humanized settings

as far as the full hydraulic roller is concerned, the customer group of this product is very different from that of the previous road roller. Single cylinder wheel roller is a short and fast construction machine, and its needs are different, so it is difficult to detonate customers by model sales, and it is necessary to create unique product highlights for customers

therefore, in the exploration and operation of Sany e-commerce mode, many different forms of purchase have been developed. During the purchase period, many customers chose to contact online and came to Sany park to watch the machine on site. Some also chose to learn about the equipment through live broadcast, video and other forms, and said that this method was "very convenient and humanized"

all are Sany rollers

one click orders, which will arrive the next day as soon as possible

Mr. Li, the customer, said that through live broadcast and video, he can understand the equipment in detail without meeting, and can reply to his questions, and even live broadcast operation teaching, so that he, a novice, can operate easily. What surprised him even more was that as he was a local customer in Changsha, it took only one day for him to place an order after he learned the manufacturer's direct sales information of this full hydraulic roller in an official position and ship the equipment back

"I didn't expect that buying hundreds of thousands of devices can also be as convenient and reassuring as shopping on Taobao! Moreover, online shopping can enjoy the same after-sales service as offline shopping, without any worries."

placing an order online makes the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the center line of the upper and lower fixtures, and the fastest delivery is one to two days. Customers like Mr. Li who purchase machines quickly online are countless. The e-commerce power of construction machinery is also huge. It is reported that only during the peak period of Sany roller Changsha commissioning site, nearly 20 customers are received a day, not including users who watch the machine through online channels

users' enthusiasm for e-commerce sales also benefits from the "Promotion Ambassador" policy launched by SANY innovation. It is reported that customers who buy Sany "press fast" series full hydraulic rollers can become Sany promotion ambassadors. If they recommend friends or intended customers to purchase the machine successfully, they can get 3000 ~ 5000 recommendation money, easily earn pocket money, interesting and rich, and are highly praised in the industry

great, my Sany roller

Sany is very successful, which has made the success of China's Sany e-commerce model. In addition to the strong strength of product sales, what is more important is the innovation of the integration of marketing and information technology, which comprehensively covers the needs of users online and offline, and spreads the information to the world. Many foreign customers obtain the direct selling information of Sany manufacturers through e-commerce platforms and purchase in large quantities

according to Ashraf Ali jatoi, a Pakistani customer, he submitted the demand for purchasing 10 road rollers through Sany official in May. What he didn't expect was that Sany marketing staff responded to him on the same day and answered 100% of his questions

"time concept and work attitude are very important for a businessman." The rapid and accurate response of Sany e-commerce platform made him deeply aware of the great charm of e-commerce. "In Pakistan, Sany equipment is still relatively common, because the price is cheaper than European and American brands, and the performance is also good. Sany pump trucks, excavators, road rollers and other equipment still have a certain popularity in our local area."

based on the reliability of Sany brand and the innovation and convenience of e-commerce platform, he often quickly ordered ten full hydraulic rollers to return to Pakistan in terms of automotive lighting and body production, and said that he would also find Sany for the next cooperation. And this is just an epitome of Sany e-commerce overseas. By letting made in China go abroad and shortening the journey across the sea to the distance from fingertips to screens, Sany e-commerce has created an industry precedent

take a closer look

as a leading enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, Sany has created an excellent e-commerce platform for construction machinery in addition to product technology reform and innovation. Both online trading and after-sales service are outstanding. From nothing, from impossible to possible, Sany constantly subverts itself, innovates and changes, and reshapes the industry pattern. If it eventually maintains strong vitality, it will become the "Internet +" in the construction machinery industry. 1. In the practice of some experimental machine parts design manuals and experimental machine manufacturing monographs, it will be a worthy leader

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