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Plastic reduction day sounded the horn of environmental protection supermarket colleges and universities advocated reducing the use of plastic bags

in recent days, the upsurge of plastic reduction in Jincheng has been heating up. In order to better promote the citizens to reduce the use of plastic bag gas projects and supply agreements, advocate a green lifestyle, 256 building lighting to promote the process of environmental protection, the municipal civilization experimental machine applies a small panel control system to control and collect raw data. The municipal appearance Committee, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Tianjin Ecological Ethics Education Promotion Association, and tonight media group "tonight" identified the first day of the new year as Tianjin plastic reduction day, The theme of the activity is: reduce the use of plastic bags and build a green home. A number of plastic reduction activities were launched in Jincheng yesterday

yesterday morning, the Municipal Commission of Commerce and the municipal chain operation association jointly launched the action of protecting the environment and reducing plastic in major supermarkets. Tesco, Carrefour and other supermarkets posted the tips of protecting the environment at the checkout. Please try to use less plastic bags and use more green cloth bags. The cashier also actively reduced the distribution of plastic bags without affecting the convenience of consumers. The city's friends of green environmental protection organization has set up a publicity point in the Southwest Village of Nankai University. A dozen environmental protection volunteers publicize the relevant knowledge of plastic bags endangering the environment to the citizens, and organize the citizens to protect their homes and reduce the use of plastic bags for signature activities. At the event site, the city also carried out the activity of exchanging 10 plastic bags for a reusable green shopping bag. Yesterday, more than 10000 environmental protection cloth bags were distributed to citizens

in order to more widely mobilize the citizens of the city to reduce the use of plastic bags, the organizer, with the support of relevant enterprises, will successively distribute 100000 ring new generation linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging materials containing adivant Weston 705 antioxidants to the citizens in the city from today on. The protective shopping bags have been successfully launched, and a number of environmentally friendly, beautiful and recyclable shopping bags are currently being printed. In addition, the organizer hopes that more enterprises and individuals will join the event and provide plastic reduction funds for printing environmental protection cloth bags. Enterprises interested in this environmental protection activity please call our newspaper public service 96860 to register, and our newspaper will publish the list. (Mao Guoqiang, Li Xianzhang, Miao Miao, sun yanduo)

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